The lights and architecture in Tokyo, Michiru Tanaka’s hometown, inspired her to pursue a career in architectural lighting design. There she saw the power of lighting design, its affect on mood and it's impact on social space at its' most magnificent. Michiru graduated from the Musashino Art University in 2002, and spent her early career in Tokyo where she refined her design techniques and characteristic style. Her design theme always carries with it the unique sensibility of Japanese lighting called "In'ei Raisan" (In Praise of Shadows). Additionally, she is committed to the goal of using sustainable energy-efficient lighting design solutions in all her projects. Now based in New York, with three years of experience as an independent designer, Michiru has applied her design principles and styles to a distinct and diverse portfolio. Her completed projects range from restaurant installations to exhibition booths to special event lighting at internationally renowned museums. She continues toward her goal of creating a unique symbiotic architectural and lighting experience. Michiru is an Associate Member of the IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers), a member of the IESNY (Illuminating Engineering Society of NY), and the DLFNY (Designers Lighting Forum of NY).

Musashino Art University
BFA in Space Design
Tokyo, Japan

ICE, Illumination of City
Tokyo, Japan

AWA and associates
Architecture Lighting
Design, Co. Ltd.,
New York, NY

Cooley Monato
Studio, Co. Ltd.,
New York, NY

Michiru Tanaka Lighting Design

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